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‘Plays like BB King’

                 - Bo Diddley

R2 (Rock'n'Reel) Magazine 52, July/August 2015.

Blues in Britain

August 2015

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Blues Matters

September /October 2015

Blues in Britain

June 2015

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May 2015

This is an album that is about musicianship rather than the power in a trio, this is what happens when the collaboration is between musicians who feel the music. Tim Jones guitar and vocals is the front of the band but it is the rhythm section provided by Andy Hodge & Sam Kelly that gives the music its heartbeat and drive.

Embedded throughout the album are lyrics that reflect personal experiences and people, the self-penned tracks were written in Spain during 2014, as Tim says “They’re all about people and things in my life at the time, although some of the songs have their roots in much earlier days.” Opening with Small Town, which has the enclosed feel of being in a small space, there is anger and despair. The album is cut back and at times there is a sparseness of notes but the tempo and tone and shape of the music changes with The Nature of Love a blues driven ballad where the lyrics roll around the music full of yearning and wistfulness.

We have sharp guitar licks and a lightning of mood and direction on I Want Your Money this is blues that gets your feet tapping; leading into a version of St James Infirmary where the vocals deepen and the guitar slows and the bass line adds to the mood creating a sound full of dark blues gloom.

Again we have a version of Rollin & Tumblin that follows Tim’s direction with this stripped back version that works and fits well into the timbre of the album. Closing with a funky shaped track that has an energy others definitely sometimes miss we have After The Rain, and the storm breaking has lifted the mood leaving you tapping your feet and admiring the skillful shaping of the music.

There are twelve tracks, of which ten are originals and the overwhelming tenure of home again is stripped back blues with the tempo being used to shape the mood this is an album full of moody brooding blues with a hint of a storm around the corner.
The album is acoustic roots blues with electric over tones, there is a thoughtful precision to every note and fleeting gaps of silence the drumming from Sam is full of intuitive connection with the emotions of the lyrics and the bell-like quality of the guitar work.

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Blues in the North West

Bo Diddley, no less, once said Jones “plays like BB King” but namesake Freddie was apparently his big hero and you can certainly sense this here. – John Bottomley

Rock on the Ridge Radio

This is a guy who I think needs to be given a bit more airplay, I really, really do. – Bob Wilson,

R2 Rock ‘n’ Reel Magazine

There is always earthy joy to be found in a well-drilled, hard-working blues trio. Jones displays impressive guitar mastery. His sound is clipped yet fluid and clean, inserts well-judged and soloing tasteful. – David Innes

Blues in Britain

Jones possesses a voice that can handle emotion easily, from pain and despair to hope and joy, his guitar playing displays similar breadth, at one stroke mournful and hurt, the next strident and driving. – Nigel Foster


... full of moody brooding blues with a hint of a storm around the corner. – Liz Aiken

Blues Matters

The music is far from overcrowded and rushed, it is sparse and allows you to absorb the notes and the feel…

The steady bass and thoughtful drumming allow Tim to work his clever and understated guitar moments with an ease. – Toby Ornott

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