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‘Plays like BB King’

                 - Bo Diddley

Tim Jones grew up surrounded by bands like John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Fleetwood Mac and touring American artists like Freddie King, BB King, Albert King and Howlin’ Wolf.

During the late 1960s and ‘70s Tim played with various groups, moving out of blues and into rock, funk and reggae. Towards the end of this period he formed Soft Touch, who signed to NEMS Records, but within weeks of the release of their first single, It’s My Life, NEMS went bust and the band folded.

In 1980 Tim was invited to join Dick Heckstall-Smith, Victor Brox, John O’Leary and Keith Tillman in The Famous Blues Blasters, playing mainly around London. With the addition, a year later, of Keef Hartley and Dave ‘Munch’ Moore, the band became Mainsqueeze (the name was suggested by Keef Hartley at the first rehearsal with him) and almost simultaneously Tim was replaced by Eric Bell. But a couple of years later Tim was back with a smaller version of the band, touring Europe and Scandinavia. Working with Mainsqueeze gave him the opportunity to perform with artists such as James Cotton and Alexis Korner.

Subsequently Tim was invited to work with Bo Diddley. He toured Britain, Europe and Scandinavia with him in 1982.

Some years later Tim teamed up again with John O’Leary and Dick Heckstall-Smith playing occasional gigs together. The outcome of this resulted in the beginnings of John O’Leary’s Sugarcane, as it was called then.

In 2002 Tim moved to Spain and spent over ten years without touching a guitar but eventually returned to playing in Cordoba, Andalucia, where he met some amazing musicians. He played in an acoustic blues trio and an electric band by the name of After The Rain. On his return to Britain he formed The Tim Jones Band and released the album Home Again in 2015.

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